Joris Vreeke

About Joris Vreeke

  • Born in 1970 in Tilburg, NL
  • Two brothers ('72 and '79)
  • Went to school in Eindhoven and Tilburg, NL
  • Morphed into a computer guy, started programming and moved to Rotterdam, NL
  • Moved to Dublin, IRL in 2004 to work as a web and graphics designer
  • First solo photography exhibition in Weert, NL (2009)
  • Works with the Design and Innovation lab in ADAPT at DCU (2011)
  • Daughter in 2012, Son in 2015

In Plain Sight

In plain sight is an ongoing project that started in 2013 when my friend Jochem was over from the Netherlands. We had coffee in the IFI and my daughter who just mastered walking wandered around the terrace. At one point she got fascinated about this plant and the fact that she could see through it and see us. She was not intentionally hiding, but in a way she was.

The image I took of her behind that plant got me thinking about the subject of a photograph. In history the subject is unambiguously the one that is the main focal point of the image. In this case it is the plant, but it is also Isabelle. It triggers the viewer to look closer. Why would I have taken an image of a plant. Hopefully it encourages the viewer to take a closer look at the rest of the image. I ask friends to stand behind objects and sometimes it happens naturally.


This project started in 2005 in Bray, when I walked along the seafront where a fun fair was setup overnight. Because it was so early there was nobody around and the whole place looked eerily deserted. This triggered my fascination with places that were solely dedicated to have fun but where no fun is had. Empty fun fairs, theme parks, circuses, etc.